Occasionally you hear about, or if you are lucky enough, meet someone who has what is known as the X-Factor. A special quality that is impossible to define. Claire Steel had the X-Factor.

Not only was she beautiful, inside and out, she was also smart, reliable and when required, tough. Maybe it is a combination of these qualities that create that presence, which is known as the X-Factor.

One thing for sure. Claire was the girl that every girl wanted to be, and the girl that every man wanted to be with. After leading a fairly normal existence for the first 20 something years of her life, everything changed when she met a young man and fell in love.

As is so often the case, the innocent at heart are attracted to the Rogue Gene, and Claire was no exception. Unable to control her emotions, she felt powerless to do anything about the passionate, but turbulent relationship she was entering into.

During moments of despair, she visualised herself as a freshly plucked flower being washed downstream by the current, knowing that nothing short of a miracle could save her from the whirlpool she was approaching, and the falls beyond, which would ultimately seal her fate.